In total, twenty people ensure that you as a guest really feel like our guest at Sems, from start to finish. It already begins with the reservation… paying close attention to details, ensuring everything is coordinated as well as possible, and putting together surprising wine-food combinations. It’s all about the total experience. When you leave Sems, we want you to think: That was a wonderful evening!

We have six cooks working in our open kitchen. There are always interns present as well, because we collaborate with the catering business schools in the Netherlands for students in training to become a cooks. They are all young, ambitious individuals who do not only inspire each other, but also embrace new ideas from chefs such as Erik van Loo from Parkheuvel. Once a year, we invite a guest chef to prepare a five-course dinner for our guests together with our cooks. We call this tradition ‘Sems meets’.
Furthermore, the master chef Albert Kooy of Stenden Hogeschool is our sparring partner. He also keeps us focused. Finally, a work field orientation takes place regularly to stay current to the latest trends in the industry. In short: we will do the very best to stay at the top of Friesland.